Policy brief on social incubation in Romania

Policy brief on social incubation in Romania


In the last fifteen years social businesses represent one of the main drivers of social inclusion and community development in Romania. Social businesses, and especially social enterprises, are considered as a panacea for various social problems like poverty, unemployment, employment of vulnerable people, etc. They are an active social inclusion policy instrument, mainly due to their role in social inclusion developed through the European Social Fund.


The Policy brief on social incubation in Romania proposes policy recommendations for the development of incubation services for social enterprises based on the results of an extensive analysis on social incubation in Romania.

These policy recommendations include:

  • development of regional incubators and accelerators for social enterprises;
  • a specific axe within operational programs that support the development of local incubators for social enterprises that also include co-working spaces;
  • diversification of the range of incubation services offered to social enterprises within the funding programmes (mainly Operational Program Human Capital);
  • Etc.

At the basis of the brief stays the study Model of social incubation in Romania.