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With Omcuom Books&Coffee we want to create a specialty coffee shop that will sell books and art creations. From local up to the worldwide (through our website) We are looking for a format that can be sustainable and responsible no matter the cultural and economic conditions. We hope you join our idea so we can turn our dream contemporary place into reality!

Vasile Goldis, nr. 14, ap.4, Bl 7BCD, România
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Omcuom Books&Coffee wants to be a place that respects the art and coffee culture. We want to create a specialty coffee shop that will sell books and art creations.

We plan to host events every weekend, where we promote our artists (djs, musicians, poets) and mostly the books. We need your help to invest in a social cultural alternative business, with wich we can sustain the community. From local up to the worldwide (through our website). We are looking for a format that can be sustainable and responsible no matter the cultural and economic conditions.

We want to sustain the publishing houses. Reading actual knowledge brings us togheter.


Roxana-Emilia Luca is a photographer, graphic designer and curator. She is active in the cultural scene of both her hometown, Alba Iulia and Cluj from Romania, where she studies art management. She is the owner of Omcuom Design company that inspired her to start this project. She is member of cultural collectives such as the NGO Creative Hood Carolina (CCC) and Museikon Museum of sacred Art.

Melissa-Andreea Nyulas is a textile artist and she is involved in artistic projects and is member of several art and music collectives from the city Cluj-Napoca where she studies textile art. She is owner of Dot with Dots hand-made brand. One of the cultural groups she is the most active into is Să Fiți Cuminți Gallery, AstronautKru Soundsystem and Genmaica Soundsystem. She is currently working at an art gallery from Barcelona, for a limited amount of time.

Why is this important?

In a more actual sense, a lot of art and cultural collectives were shut down, due to the pandemic. We want to offer to our community a sense of responsible and creative activity, a shelter of inspiration. Coffee Culture needs our support!

Some of us make very good art, others play carefully chosen and studied music, some are creating garments and ceramics as unique pieces. There are people in our communities who create natural perfumes in compostable recipients, silver rings of the most intriguing shapes and curves, innovative design garments, bags and paintings of striking colors and scintillating concepts. They need to be exposed not just at festivals, fairs or dedicated events, but in a more consistent and also affordable way!

What will your contribution support?

With your help we will find a place in the city of Cluj, Romania, where we can create the shop and give life to the community.

We will create a website to provide the worldwide community with unique, alternative creations and careful to environment creations.

We will invite you further to our curated events with book releases and local dj artists, musicians, poets, theatre and many others.

We will sustain the publishing houses, the art community and the coffee culture!


🟣 Illustration Pack from local artists: digital or printed

– from Iarina Nicolae, DAIA, Omcuom

🟢 Artizanat coffee cups made from local artist (MellonCollie Ceramics)

🟣 Omcuom Totebag

– 100% cotton, personal design

🟣 Omcuom T-shirt

– 100% cotton, etiquette hand-made sewn, size: M-L-XL-XXL

🟣 Sticker Packs

– a pack of 6 stickers from Dot with Dots and Omcuom

🟣 Silver artizanal ring (Armadelalma)

  • with larimar stone or simple

Made out of silver, hand-made, with adjustable size

🟣 Vetro Editions A.R.E Book

– Limited Stock -20 pieces-

A collaboration between Generative Hut and Vetro Editions Publishing House. Featuring artworks from 31 international artists, A.R.E is like no other art book. It is the first exhibition of its kind, taking the viewer on an immersive art experience. Each page includes a key that unlocks a digital animation via a free app (Aria Platform), bringing the artworks to life using augmented reality.

🟣 Earrings and Brooch (Dot with Dots)

– hand-made creations

🟣 Mokapot (Michele De Lucchi)

(photo credit: @Alesssi Pulcina)

All the rewards should arrive within September. We will keep you updated regarding the delivery.

Thank you!🙌


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Digital Illustration Pack
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Digital Illustration Pack from local artists+ 2 coffee coupon (Romania)/ 50% discount coupon at branded products from website (International)
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172 lei
Printed Illustration Pack + T-shirt + Sticker Pack
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246 lei
Printed Illustration Pack + Earrings/Brooch + Coffee Cup + Sticker Pack
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493 lei
Printed Illustration Pack + Earrings/Brooch + Vetro Editions Book + Sticker Pack
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740 lei
Printed Illustration Pack + Earrings/Brooch + Hands Silver Ring + Sticker Pack
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987 lei
Printed Illustration Pack + Earrings/Brooch + Hands Silver Ring with Stone + Sticker Pack
0 susținători
1.481 lei
Printed Illustration Pack + Earrings/Brooch + Hands Silver Ring with Stone + Coffee Cup + Sticker Pack
1 susținători
2.468 lei
Printed Illustration Pack + 1 coffee/week/1 year coupon (Romania) or Moka Pot (international) + Sticker Pack
0 susținători
4.936 lei
Printed Illustration Pack + 1 year coffee coupon (Romania) or Moka Pot (international) + Hands Silver Ring with personalised stone + T-Shirt/Bag + Earrings/Brooch + Sticker Pack
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